Friday, 22 March 2019

Friday 22nd March

The children absolutely loved our trip around Harpenden. We visited lots of key buildings around Harpenden and discussed how they have developed over time. We sketched at Rothampsted Manor and the children loved having a picnic! Thank you so much for all of the parents that helped today.  We think you will be in agreement that we had a lovely day!

By the time we arrived back at school everyone was exhausted!! We think we will all sleep well tonight!

In English this week the children created their very own treasure map to help Pirate Toothless find his missing treasure. Some thieves had stolen his treasure and he needed the children's help to find it again! Next the children wrote a set of instructions for Pirate Toothless to follow to help him get this treasure back!

The children worked hard to include commands which are when you tell someone to do something. Also known as bossy verbs. For example: run, roll, turn, skip.

At home see if your child can tell you their set of instructions to help pirate Toothless find his treasure.
Here is a list of grammar terms we have covered in Year 2 that you may like to go over with your child.
Adjective A “describing word”.

Verb – describes an action also known as a doing word. E.g. running, swimming, skipping.

Adverb- describes a verb/ action and normally ends in ly. E.g. quickly, slowly and gracefully.

Expanded noun phrase- two or more adjectives to describe a noun. E.g. long, pale fingers.
Lush, green grass.

In Maths we have been estimating and measuring the length and height of objects around the classroom. The children have been using 30cm rulers and metre rulers. It has been important for them to decide which ruler is most appropriate to measure each object.

We then moved on to measuring to the nearest half centimetre. 

At home you might like to try estimating the length/height of any objects, then measuring the actual length. You could set a challenge to see who can get their estimate the closest to the actual measurement.

Next week we will be revisiting learning from earlier in the year. We will be recapping addition, subtraction and multiplication strategies. You might like to look at the hand out you were given during consultations and ask your child to explain each strategy to you. You could also ask them which strategies they prefer and why.

In gym the children have been working on their safe mounts and dismounts from equipment. Ask your child about the different ways they can mount and dismount equipment safely (squat on, straddle on, bend your knees when you land).

E Safety

Please could we remind all parents to ensure children are playing computer games with an appropriate age certificate. A few of our children have been discussing Fortnite and we would like to remind you that Fortnite is rated 12.

In class this week we have watched these esafety videos which the children have really enjoyed. You might like to watch them at home with your child:

Have a lovely weekend,
The Year 2 Team.